At Eastern Equipment and Supply, we keep our store packed with all the tools, parts, and accessories to support the region’s farmers, welders, mechanics, and dairies.  From small components, like seals or bolts, to large accessories such as trailer parts or drivelines.

Eastern Equipment and Supply is determined to be your source for equipment and tools.  If we do not stock a part, our expert team will order it.

Call us at (575) 356-5560.

Bearings & Seals

Our store provides a wide selection of NTN-BCA bearings along with other imports in limited sizes.

We stock:

  • Tapered roller bearings – used for trailer or plow hubs
  • Adapter bearings and housings – also called power transmission bearings
  • Agricultural bearings – used on plows or discs
  • Radial bearings – used for various applications including grain drills, discs, pumps, motors, and small decorative windmills

Our seals serve multiple functions from trailer hubs to gear boxes.

Bearings & Seals


We supply a range of Neapco brand drivelines to service agricultural needs or heavy duty trucks.

We classify our driveline parts into three distinct categories.

  • Agricultural drivelines – These fit many applications including bush hogs, shredders, feed mixers, rod weeders, bailers, augers, tractors, loaders, etc.
  • Metric drivelines – Newer shredders and other equipment purchased in the last 10 years require these driveline sizes.
  • Truck drivelines – These parts are used in powertrain and auxillary functions.

Farm Parts & Bolts

We carry a vast inventory of parts and accessories to support your farming equipment.

  • 3-Point hitch accessories – This includes top link and lift arm pins and bushings, drawbars, replacement ball joints, and adjustable top links.
  • Grain drill parts – This includes opener discs and points as well as drill tubes.  We stock these brands: Tye, Great Plains, John Deere, and Accra.
  • Shredder blades – This includes models for the following manufacturers: Bush Hog, John Deere, Servis or Rhino, Imco, and House.  We carry the blade bolts for each of these models.
  • Pearman digger – This includes Digger chains, sprockets, shafts, guides, wear strips, clutches, and idlers.
  • Peanut combine parts – We carry a complete inventory for Lillston Combines as well as sheaves, belts, and teeth for Amadas and KMC Combines.
  • Shank accessories – This includes shank clamps and U bolts.
  • Bolts – We carry a wide variety of sizes including:
    • Grade 5
    • Grade 8 coarse thread hex cap screws
    • Grade 8 fine thread hex cap screws
    • Grade 5 carriage bolts
  • Set screws – We carry square head, socket head, and socket cap screws.
  • Belts – This includes A, B, C, and 3V width belts.
  • Other – This includes cotter pins and roll pins in a variety of sizes, grease zerts in standard and metric sizes, internal and external snap rings, taps, and dies.
Farm Parts & Bolts


We carry a full line of hydraulics from fittings to adaptors in metric and standard sizes.  We have cylinders and quick couplers. We stock: Gates, Pioneer, Parker, Foster, and Cross brands.

  • Hoses - Eastern Equipment can build hoses from ¼"–2" ranging in pressure.
  • Fittings and adapters - We carry: Pipe, JIC, Boss, Flat Face O Ring, Flange fitting, British Standard, German Din, Found on Volvo Loader.
  • Quick Couplers - Our couplers range from a standard pioneer on a tractor to a live bottom trailer. Brands include Pioneer, Foster, and Parker.
  • Cylinders - Range in a variety of sizes in Cross and Hercules brands.

Eastern Equipment also stocks control valves and rebuild kits.

We build custom brake lines for all vehicles including motorcycles. We also provide all the hydraulic hoses to area wind farms.


Miller Welders

Miller welders are tried and proven welding units.  We stock a variety of diffrent weld process units.  From a BOBCAT 250 to a MILLERMATIC 252 and sevral in between.

Miller Welders

Sprayer Parts

Eastern Equipment carries:

  • Banjo – camlock fittings, valves, hose barbs, and bulkhead fittings
  • Teejet – QD fittings, nozzles, caps, and gaskets
  • Flojet – pumps
  • Ace – pumps
  • Fimco – pumps & sprayers
  • Sowesco – tanks for S/O only
Sprayer Parts


We carry a full line of finish bore & hub-type sprockets, finish bore & hub-type sheaves, and motor couplers.

Finish Bore & Hub-Type Sprockets - Sizes include 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100 Mohrlang sprockets.

Finish Bore & Hub-Type Sheaves - Sizes fit A, B, and C grooves.


  • Lovejoy & Browning brands – Sizes include 99/100 and 110
  • Browning brands – Sizes for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


We carry Nickols brand tillage tools.

  • Sweeps - Our sweeps range from 6" to 26" in chisel, coulter and rockshares.
  • Chisels - Our chisels include twisted, diamond point, and reversible.

Total Performance Trailers

We now offer Total Performance Trailers. They are custom built trailers and flatbeds that are finished with any kind of paint and body work you'd like. Why buy stock when you can get it customized! 

Total Performance Trailers

Trailer Parts

Eastern Equipment is now selling enclosed trailersas well as parts for trailers.

Dexter axles and components - We carry springs, hangers, hubs, and spindles.
Body components and fenders - We stock:

  • Jacks and couplers – including Bulldog jacks, couplers, receiver hitches, balls, pintle hitches, and B&W hitches
  • Lights – including Peterson taillights, markers, 7-, 6-, & 4-way plugs, trailer wire, and brake controllers.
Trailer Parts

Welding & Gas

We carry oxygen (O2), Acet, Argon, Weldmix, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen, and Helium. Our customers purchase these gases for a variety of uses.

We lease tanks for each of these gases. Ask our service team about your leasing options.

Welding Rods - We stock Hobart, Washington Alloy and McKay welding rods.

  • Hobart & Inweld– includes these types:  6011, 6010, 6013, 7018, 7014, & 12018
  • McKay – includes these types: 600, NI99,308, 309, 316, & AL345

Welding Wire – We carry Hobart and Best Welds brands of solid & flux cored wire.

Welding Accessories - We stock hand brushes, grinder brushes, gloves, helmets, safety glasses, face shields, ear protection, dust masks, welding jackets, grinding wheels, Tig accessories and Mig consumables. We also carry Miller machines and parts.

Torch Accessories - We have Victor torches, regulators, hoses, QD, tips, welding tips, rosebuds and strikers.

Welding & Gas

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