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We carry oxygen (O2), Acet, Argon, Weldmix, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen, and Helium. Our customers purchase these gases for a variety of uses.

We lease tanks for each of these gases. Ask our service team about your leasing options.

Welding Rods - We stock Hobart, Washington Alloy and McKay welding rods.

  • Hobart & Inweld– includes these types:  6011, 6010, 6013, 7018, 7014, & 12018
  • McKay – includes these types: 600, NI99,308, 309, 316, & AL345

Welding Wire – We carry Hobart and Best Welds brands of solid & flux cored wire.

Welding Accessories - We stock hand brushes, grinder brushes, gloves, helmets, safety glasses, face shields, ear protection, dust masks, welding jackets, grinding wheels, Tig accessories and Mig consumables. We also carry Miller machines and parts.

Torch Accessories - We have Victor torches, regulators, hoses, QD, tips, welding tips, rosebuds and strikers.


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